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Guide to Understanding Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Now that people store their favorite music on tablets and smartphones, all that they need is a high quality wireless portable bluetooth speaker. These small devices are battery operated and are known for their extreme portability. They allow people to listen to music anywhere they want inside or outside of their home. There are versions which are big enough for a complete home theatre experience and then there ones that are small yet rugged, waterproof and water resistant, which can be carried to a hiking, biking or beach trips. All in all, these devices are great options for those who want to take the music along with them but without having to rely on headphones.
Portable speakers are available in various styles and sizes. From palm sized speakers to extra-large, customers can now choose the tiniest of devices that fits into their pockets. They are great for frequent travellers. And then there are large speakers which can be used in the backyards, patios, poolside and gardens. These devices come with rechargeable batteries that are built-in. This allows users to charge their speakers before they leave their homes. A fully charged speaker can offer a full day of entertainment. There are speakers with microphone too. They can be used for taking phone calls hands-free.
Ideally, almost all bluetooth speakers can be connected to different devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, iPods, gaming consoles, etc. If there is a bluetooth connectivity in the pairing device, these speakers can seamlessly connect with such devices. Some models also come with WiFi for them to be connected to the home or office network. There are other which come with streaming options so that the speaker can play the favorite playlist on the go. These devices can also be connected to other speakers and TV for a better audio experience.
Bluetooth vs Wireless
The terms are often confused and used interchangeably. Portable bluetooth speakers are not the same as wireless speakers. There are certain differences among the two. While both these versions can stream audio without the need for hardware, bluetooth speakers too are certain kind of wireless versions. Wireless speakers can stream audio with the help of WiFi and other features. Bluetooth speakers use only the bluetooth connectivity. Portable Bluetooth Speakers are lighter in design, easy to carry and come with rechargeable batteries. Wireless speakers on the other hand need an access to power outlets or internet connectivity.
Why to Buy Portable Bluetooth Speakers
First of all, they are super easy to setup. They literally take seconds to get ready. Once they are connected to phones, laptops or iPads, users will be able to play any kind of music they like. Unlike the bulky home theatre systems that need a complete setup, there are no wires to deal with when it comes to bluetooth speakers. The installation process is very easy.
These speakers are versatile which means one can play music indoors or outdoors or take it elsewhere. There are versions which are waterproof too even with a gentle damp cleaning process. The waterproof feature makes them ideal for outdoor pool parties. Some can even be washed when they get dirty. They are small, stylish and can fit on top of a counter or a shelf without influencing the property’s aesthetics.
Don’t get fooled by the size of these small speakers. They can produce an impressive and immersive sound quality irrespective of their built. There are versions which can also be connected to multiple speakers. This process helps achieve a surround sound without the need for a sophisticated home theatre system. Music lovers who want to make the most of these speakers might want to pay attention to quality drivers as well as audio tuning tech with smart features. This helps the speakers handle louder volumes without having to compromise on overall sound quality.
Portable bluetooth speakers can be durable too. The trick is to invest in a premier quality speaker which can withstand being tossed around or dropped. They need to be slightly rugged than the rest. A rugged portable speaker can last for many years with good care and maintenance. Regularly cleaning the device and keeping it free from dust and outside elements will help in an increased life. If the device is not in use, it could be simply store somewhere where it does not accumulate dust.
The fact they are both rechargeable and wireless is what makes them attractive. A lot of branded speakers come with batteries that can last up to 10 to 20 hours with continuous usage. The speakers can also be connected to the smart phones and get recharged at the same time.
Pairing Bluetooth Speakers
The best thing about bluetooth speakers is that they are a great choice for setting up home theatre in smaller rooms. The speaker system can also be taken on vacations, outdoor trips and parties. The reason why people pair multiple bluetooth speakers is to get dynamic sound quality. Two or more can be used to generate multi-room audio. So wherever the person goes, music follows. Users can enjoy music as they move from one room to another. The entire setup takes very little time and is a great alternative for the bulky setups involving lot of costs, hardware and time too. Choosing the highest quality speakers will definitely guarantee louder and better audio.
Understanding Challenges with Pairing
Usually pairing is quite quick and effortless. But there are times when users find it difficult to pair their speakers together. The best thing to do is to move the speakers closer. They will find each other and start to maintain the connection. Certain devices require to be paired to the other device each and every time they get disconnected. And then there are others that come with auto pair function which saves a lot of time and money. Customers should check all the features of the speakers before they choose to buy one.
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